Gant Rugger

In 1949 Mr Bernard Gant founded his classic shirt making business whilst working in New Yorks garment district. This label went on to produce shirting for some of the best brands in the business. The Gant Rugger label draws upon the brand’s Ivy League heritage, reinventing these vintage classics for today.

  • gant-fleece-red-d5

    Gant Rugger Contrast Fleece

    Sold Out
  • gant-zip-jumper-d

    Gant Rugger The Zipper Sweater Black

    £140.00 £50.00
  • gant-denim-shirt-d3

    Gant Rugger Denim Shirt Indigo

    £120.00 £55.00
  • gant-navy-check-jkt-

    Gant Rugger Brooklyn Twill Checked Jacket

    Sold Out
  • gant-cloud-jumper-d3

    Gant Rugger Block Jacquard Jumper Cream

    Sold Out
  • gant-tech-jkt-d3

    Gant Rugger Tech Blazer Navy

    Sold Out
  • gant-white-shirt

    Gant Rugger Dobby Checked Shirt Off White

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  • gant-green-shirt-d5

    Gant Rugger Dobby Checked Shirt Duffle Green

    £80.00 £35.00
  • gant-missing-sht-d3

    Gant Rugger Dobby Checked Shirt Black

    £80.00 £35.00
  • gant-red-blue-jumper-d

    Gant Rugger The Side Striped Sweater Evening Blue

    Sold Out
  • gant-grey-gumper-d4

    Gant Rugger Chest Stripe Jumper Dark Grey Melange

    £140.00 £65.00
  • gant-orange-jumper-d3

    Gant Rugger Half Cardigan Knit Golden Beige

    Sold Out
  • gant-zip-polo-d4

    Gant Rugger The Zipped Pique Black

    Sold Out
  • gant-mock-neck-d3

    Gant Rugger The Turtler Black

    £70.00 £35.00