Bridging the gap between shirting and streewear, artist Arthur Yates’ Bruta has turned to Italy for SS17. The collection centres on embroidered shirts inspired by Florentine families, pastel coloured houses and Fritto Misto.

  • brata-shirt-flower-navy-d

    Bruta Botticelli Shirt

  • brata-shirt-mix-navy-d3

    Bruta Fritto Misto Shirt

  • brata-footy

    Bruta Azzuri Shirt

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  • brata-shirt-bishop-wht-d2

    Bruta Medici Shirt

  • brata-shirt-chinese-wht-d2

    Bruta Sicilia Shirt

  • brata-shirt-plant-wht-d4241368234678534634532

    Bruta Mimosa Shirt

  • brata-shirt-plant-wht-d432

    Bruta Bosana Shirt

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