Autumn Looks

With the colder months now upon us we have put together a few different looks featuring some of our favourite brands. Online Feature: Autumn Looks

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Harris Warf

Harris Wharf is a contemporary outerwear brand that reimagines classic formalwear. Everything is unlined and features raw edges to give a youthful interpretation of trad tailoring. For the autumn we have blazers, single and double breasted overcoats, and a Polaire wool mac.

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Ark Air

Military outfitters Arktis’ civilian arm Ark Air have come through for this autumn with new shapes and camouflages. The classic special forces smock has been updated and the fishtail parka is pulled out of the archive for the first time. We also have new camouflages in the navy shard and green dispersion.

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Andersons Belts

Andersons do not need an introduction. We don’t need to remind you that they make the best woven belts in the world, and make them all in Parma. All we need to say is that we’ve had our autumn delivery and there is a selection of new styles, patterns and colours.

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London Undercover

Established in 2008, London Undercover umbrellas are made in London using age old techniques creating smart modern interpretations. In our winter delivery we have a selection of the folded umbrellas in bright colours, the classic camo, city fleck brollys and the limited edition contour umbrella.

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Gloverall Jacket


Duffle coats and the name Gloverall have gone hand in hand for decades. Starting out making a popular Navy coat in a London factory just after the second world war, the coggled hooded coat was propelled to a national stape in the 1950s and has remained iconic ever since. Fifty years on and they are…

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Our winter allocation of the finest Japanese-made headwear has just dropped in from Maniera and there are some real treats. If you fancy a cap we have rabbit fur and cable knit varieties and for the smarter crowd we have foldable wool hats, a felt boater and a mountain hat.

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Since Hiroshi took over from his brother Kiyofumi in 2008 he has continued to develop the Creep line mixing Japanese styling with American aesthetic. For this fall we have down popover shirts, full fleece suits and vintage sailing sweatshirts.

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Ebbets Field Flannels

Seattle based Ebbets Field Flannels is a world renowned manufacturer of historically inspired athletic clothing. Since 1988 they have been producing early to mid 20th century sporting goods with an authentic edge. For the autumn we have a selection of snapbacks and five panels, in both wools and cottons.

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Originally designed for Tasmanian ranchers, Blundstone boots are built to withstand just about anything. The combination of TPU rubber soles, Poron XRD heel technology and outers that are resistant to water, oil and 140 degree temperatures makes a Blundstone boot quite a sturdy investment. Add that to the fact they are very reasonably priced and…

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The relaunch of Champion keeps getting better and better with a whole host of new styles for AW15. We have old and new colours in all the favourites from last season, as well as new long sleeved tees and thermal waffle tees. If the last delivery is anything to go by these won’t be hanging around…

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Some time in 1984 a Grand Canyon guide realised that if he stuck a velcro watch strap to a flip flop he had a shoe that he could be outdoorsy in, but also didn’t get too hot in the baking heat. Fast forward 30 years and the Teva Universal Original sandal is just that. At…

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